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Flashlight stun guns

  • My new Stun Gun that looks like a cell phone

    STUN GUN THAT LOOKS LIKE A CELL PHONE: This Article was inspired by actual events. The increasing necessity for self-defense usually boils down to sexual assault or to feed an addiction. The unsurprising result is a definite increase in the interest of self-defense.

    Most of our devices are not readily available in stores. One of the most popular and highly effective non-lethal products is our Stun Gun disguised as a cell phone. It is highly effective with police level 12,000,000 volts and is sufficient to subdue any assailant.

    In todays' busy world, you may be out shopping and can be easily distracted while putting purchases in your vehicle or putting a child in the car seat. Be aware of your surroundings and be prepared if a thug tried to grab your purse, or assualt you or take your car.

    You may also find yourself in a location where you are uncomfortable, such as with car trouble in a bad part of town and the motor club is taking too much time getting there and by now you are feeling a little nervous. This would certainly be a good time to have that fake cell phone stun gun in your hand and your finger on the button, just in case...All kinds of situation can come up at unexpected times.

    Everyone is assumed to be carrying a Cell Phone. The young lady using her jeans hip pocket, or purse and the young business man or craftsman with his his belt holster or simply in his pocket. It is never not far away and always available. This makes the self defense cell phone stung gun a perfect decoy. There are many options on how to carry yours. With our low cost police level 12,000,000 volt cell phone taser gun a perfect self-defense bargain.

    A Smart Phone or a Smart Stun Gun. They both have their uses and both can and have saved lives. The Stun Gun that looks like a Cell Phone is impossible to detect the difference.

    There are those that prefer other forms of stun guns. For example, our Stun Gun Disguised as Lipstick is popular and others might feel a little more confident with the type of Stun Gun carried openly but disguised as a Flashlight. The Stun Master 15 million volt Bad Ass Flashlight is usually carried when out at night.

    To help gain confidence. you can "play act" an assault with your family or friends. This helps you to be more confident and ready to defend yourself in any given situation. Zapped with 12 million volts, the self defense stun gun ruins the day of an assailant and give you plenty of time to retreat and move to a safe place.

    Statistics are not in your favor and it is getting worse. Nearly 18 million people have been the victim of an attempted or completed rape. We encourage you to be prepared and we hope this information has helped you to be familiar with your options. Your safety is our concern and we wish you all the best. Remember, BE SAFE! ASA

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