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The importance of SELF-DEFENSE cannot be over-emphasized.  

There will be times when you find yourself outside your comfort zone.  For example, maybe you had a flat, or locked your keys in the car, and, it's midnight, it's dark, you're alone, you're nervous, even a little scared, and by now you would like to see a friendly face.  You called your motor club, but they seem to be taking their sweet  time to get there.  If a not too friendly face shows up, feel confident  that you can protect yourself .

 While we Americans treasure our 2nd amendment right to bear arms, many are not trained or ready to resort to this form of self defense and would prefer to use a highly effective non-lethal weapon that can quickly disable an assailant. To become more aware of your available options, we encourage you to browse all 500 devices in our catalog.  Proper use of these products can give you the feeling of safety and confidence in any given situation.  YOUR SAFETY IS OUR CONCERN and we thank you for stopping by.  ASA Staff.